God's Work
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in Northwest Denver
Sunday Worship at 9:00am  @  3995 Irving St., Denver, CO 80211-1957

WORSHIP: Due to concerns about the spread of COVID19, we will be worshipping via livestream on Zoom until further notice.

Who we are and what we believe: Highlands Lutheran Church is an open, welcoming and affirming Body of Christ intentionally following the life & teachings of Jesus, committing to hospitality and social justice.

Highlands Lutheran gathers people of all ages in intergenerational worship, service and activities. We invite all people to journey together and grow in life and faith, to build intentional community, hospitable and inclusive of all who choose to be a part of the body of Christ in this place.

We care for all people, singles and families, whether formed of single parents, couples with children, partnered people, of all races, gender, backgrounds and denominations. We believe that if we can live with love for God and one another, with joy, humor, and responsibility, then we are living in the light of Christ! JOIN US!

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Pastor Asher O'Callaghan

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3995 Irving St.
Denver, CO 80211-1957

Telephone: (303) 477-2031

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